Representation Services

Scott Lauer serves clients at all levels, in any specialty of broadcasting. The client range features a spectrum of entry-level candidates to seasoned professionals at the top level. The focus is on advancing the careers of local TV Anchors & Reporters in News, Weather, or Sports Jobs. Earning positions quickly, and receiving the highest salary for each client is the obvious goal.


To advance your television career quickly, while negotiating the highest salary for you.

Aggressive Marketing

It’s not uncommon for us to land interviews for clients, within hours or days of the partnership.  With seven years of established credibility as an Agent, and 21 years in the broadcasting field, we’re going to get you on the radar of News Directors.  Lauer has achieved over 100 job placements for clients, since his company’s inception.

This is one of the most straight-forward businesses, in that the value of representation is crystal clear.  1) Have clients’ demos seen by as many News Directors as possible, in a clients’ range.  2) Utilize the years of connections with TV executives, to give clients that slight, yet important advantage.  3) Negotiate the best deal.

This relationship captures the essence of what a mutually beneficial arrangement is about.


A common question that I receive from clients – “How do I know if I should accept a certain job?”  Obviously there are myriad variables involved, but after working for many organizations (some outstanding, and some weak) in my career, I can draw from experience, and submit that it comes down to one question…does the employer treat employees like numbers or people?

It’s priceless to find the latter.

Broadcasting Agent

As a broadcasting agent, our success is tied to yours. Helping you earn broadcasting jobs is our mission.

A Concierge Service for Broadcasters

We service clients in a variety of ways — through representation, along with acting as broadcasting consultants and coaches.

Our Mission

To advance your television career quickly, while negotiating the highest salary for you.
Winning Broadcasting serves as your Broadcasting Agent and Consultant, representing news, weather and sports broadcasters.